About WCO

Willow Creek Outdoorz was founded in 2012.  The roots of the company stem way back to the early 2000’s.  WCO’s foundation is based upon preserving the access to the Outdoors to the public for recreational opportunity.  The company strives to meet these goals by volunteering for many different groups, donating to those organizations preserving public access, and continuing to open the door to the outdoors through outdoor educational experiences from guided tours and trips.


<h2 id="Our Motto

Provide the outdoor experience of lifetime.  Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching or wildlife watching, shed hunting or just cruising through the outdoors, Willow Creek Consulting is your contact for the Klamath National Forest.   We offer many different types of outdoor recreation opportunities to the public.  Every outdoor activity can offer an amazing experience depending on the demographic.  WCO specializes in hunting & conservation management.  Please check out WCO’s Outfitters page for all your hunting needs!  We’d also like to welcome your feedback about our page!

For Booking information please e-mail us at Willowcreekoutdoor@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About WCO

  1. Do you guide for Elk this year? I spoke to Jack Nehr and he recommended you. I currently have 17 elk points and feel it is time to actively apply for a tag. Would you be available this September if I am drawn? What are your guiding fees?

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